September 2-4, 2011


The Clear Creek Festival grounds are located in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, about 10 miles southeast of Berea and a 20-minute drive off I-75.

Note that we are in a rural mountainous area where cell phone and GPS reception are often weak or non-existent... and online mapping / direction services often mislead people...so please be prepared with these directions on paper or otherwise accessible before you leave home!

Here’s a map of Kentucky that gives you a sense of the general region and nearby airports plus a homemade map of the Clear Creek area and step-by-step directions: 

  1. Take I-75 to Berea exit 77.

  2. Off of the interstate ramp, turn onto Highway 595 going south.  (Make a left off the ramp coming from the north, right off the ramp coming from the south).

  3. Turn right at the stoplight to stay on Highway 595, which is called Walnut Meadow Road and changes to Main Street after you cross the train tracks and near the town center of Berea.  You will travel 2.4 miles through two stop lights to a 4-way stop-sign intersection near a large white hotel, Boone Tavern.

  4. At the 4-way intersection in the town center, make a left onto Highway 21 (Prospect Street).  Travel 4.9 miles until the road ends.  Big Hill Food Mart and gas station will be on your right.

  5. Turn right onto Highway 421 and travel 2.6 miles up “Big Hill.”  As you approach the top of this steep climb, watch for the sign that says “Rockcastle County” and the “Right Lane Ends” sign and prepare to turn from the right lane.

  6. Turn right onto Burnt Ridge Road and drive a tenth of a mile.  (This street sign and others are occasionally missing, so please watch the mileage--if you go over the crest of Big Hill, you’ve gone too far).

  7. Turn left at the first street, Hammond’s Fork Road, and travel 2 miles into the hollow of Clear Creek. 

  8. Turn right onto Wood Betony, a gravel road which will lead you to the Clear Creek Festival grounds and parking lot on the left as you near the top of the hill.  Please drive carefully but steadily up the hill and make a sharp left into the lot to park.  If the lot is full, you may need to park at the bottom of the hill and if so, will be shuttled up to the site.

We look forward to seeing you at Clear Creek!

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